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The responsibility chain on the paper starts from the building owner, the contractor and the project are extending to Fenni Mesûl. Undoubtedly, the negligence and deliberate attitudes in the construction permit and residence permit can be responsible for the public officials in this process. Responsibility is two kinds of legal and criminalization. You need to add the responsibility for “discipline” for public officials.

The most important ring of the chain of responsibility in the structure order is “Fenni Memory”. In the construction process, Fenni Mesûl, Civil Engineer or Architect may be located on all technical responsibility. Fenni Mesûl was obliged to report the structure in accordance with the Article 28 of the Zoning Law, in accordance with the structure and their attachments (project and details), and if these conditions are not observed by the contractor or the contractors.

The status of the law in the law is not possible to say that the Fenni Memory has fulfilled its functions in practice. The necessity of having a fenni mention in each construction work does not benefit in practice. Building contractors only need to sign these people for their signatures and most of the fenni mes who carry all the technical responsibility for the construction process do not even go to work during the construction period. Often times the contractor is undertaken by the project in the name of the Fenni Office, which is undertaken by the projects, is only an institution of signature. In the final earthquake there are claims that closely for 100 thousand houses were destroyed or severely damaged; There are no announcements to the official authorities of the Fenni Members, which has been involved in the construction process has been involved in the structure that the structure held responsible.

With large-scale structures and building groups, construction groups, which are working on behalf of the contractor, are not required to be in the system, so they are not well-defined in the authority and responsibilities.

In short, the order responsibility in our country is extremely uncertain. This is uncertainty; In cases opened, it makes it difficult to take a rapid and effective effect that satisfies the damaged and community conscience, it makes it difficult.

However, in advanced Western countries, this issue is extremely well arranged. The main axis of applications in developed countries in the structural control and responsibility; A well-defined and properly ranked responsibility order creates effective and comprehensive insurance that guarantees effective technical audit and all them; The structure of the building safety is discussed only in terms of users or the owners of the owners, not to ensure the safety of all individuals of the society. The supervision of prey projects, exercise projects, construction (construction phase) is carried out by public organizations consisting of extremely competent experts in this regard; In some countries, private audit agencies in the public official status can also be included in the system. The public institutions with the audit are not having sufficient organizations for this job, they establish associations for this purpose. Some countries are also visible to private individuals and institutions, and in these countries, the audit organization is fully publicly visible.

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